Friday, January 21, 2011

Age of Awesome Deception

Today we live in an age of awesome deception. That is, what is 'seen' by our eyes and think of it as a truth, they are not. The things shown to us through the medium of television, magazines can affect us psychologically and we were enchanted by it, we feel cheated by the TV, drawings, writings, and music that are displayed and heard from television, magazines and other media.

Now this is 'Seen' and 'Reality' are both opposing each other. The ads on television, food products and beverages, clothing, cosmetics, and so forth. Give us the information that looks good but in reality all they were false and inconsistent with reality.

I take an example of such a food product from ads illustrate that by consuming these foods our bodies to be strong like a tiger.

Did you know the ingredients are natural food makers?,

What is healthy for our bodies?,

whether it is appropriate with the fact that when we eat we become stronger! (Like the tiger he said)?

children/Brother have been fooled by commercial advertisements like that, we as a party that is more mature and understand this issue should notify, we must teaches children/brother to follow a healthy diet, eat from the source natural-resource. That parents should give good example to the young, and the young must take the positive from the old behavior.
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