Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Overcoming Religious Intolerance

we are beings with limited capabilities
and limited mental capabilities
but we live in a universe of knowledge is not limited
of truth that is not limited
some of us use its capability to find ..
to understand ..
but due to our limited capacity, we must understand, that our conclusions
merely a perception of "our journey"
none of us have the perfect truth ..
rather, each one of us has a perception of truth ..
and because the supreme creator is knowledge, the existence and the infinite wisdom
we can not understand it fully ..
even if we fight each other about who was right perspective ..
take "ocean" as an example ..
if the oceans represent the absolute truth ..
we only have one cup to be filled ..
That's our capacity ..
so, no matter how much we fill our cups, it remains a limited sample of the "ocean" ..
Now imagine, people around the world fighting about who's the best cup,
and why every cup is the right perspective of the "ocean" ..
when in fact, none of us have a perfect ocean in our cup ..
and this is our condition, in relation to the truth, god and religion ..
no one has the right to judge others, because he believes their point of view
is the absolute truth
This perception is only sheer ..
some of them may be more accurate than the other,
and some add toxins into their cups, but no one holds the absolute truth
This is why, very important for you to build a "trip" itself ..
you own that fills your cup ..
while to understand and accept the fact, that someone else has a different cup ..
which are all derived from the same ocean ..
and judgments is the power of god
as humans, we have been created with a different mentality, enabling us to build
opinions, different goals and understanding ..
there are lessons to different intellect that ..
then why most of us are determined to establish one type or one way of thinking? ..
why do we continue to fight against those who disagree with us? ..
rather than fight about our differences, we should allow our religion
to make us better human beings.
It starts from ourselves
to reform the world, we must learn to improve the condition, character and deeds ..
to do so effectively, we must learn to be honest to ourselves ..
with hope, can recognize the intention of ourselves, and trying to purify it ..
because we will be judged according to motivation and our intentions ..
so we must understand the forces driving us, and learn to master it ..
intentions and our actions are built with a certain emotion ..

we are driven by emotions such as:
passion / desire
faith / belief
love / affection
enthusiasm / passion

or emotions such as:
envy / jealousy

and this applies to every thought, intention, purpose or action that we do ..
its simple ..
when we learn to build our goals and intentions
to positive emotions, then we heal our world ..
and when we build it with (emotion) is negative, then we kill our world ..

Our world needs love, understanding, confidence, compassion over again ..
enthusiasm, hope, romance, passion over again ..

if we start treating each other with a force driving it ..
and learn to improve ourselves, to stay away from negative driving force
then we can be a positive example of our religions ..

And just imagine, what could be done was for world peace ..

we must accept and embrace all our differences, because our differences were
that makes us human ..

However, whatever we believe, or where we came from, we all share a basic moral principle ..
That's common ground that we must build together ..

"Thou shalt not avenge, and thou shalt not bear a grudge against the people your countrymen,love your neighbor as you love yourself" Torah (19:18)

"Treat others as you would expect they will treat you"

"Do not hurt people, as it will hurt you"
Udana Vargo (5:18)

"This is the conclusion of the dharma (duty), do not do something to someone else who will make you sick if it is done unto you"
Mahabharata (5:1517)

"Do not treat others, who will make you angry if it is done unto you" Socrates

"No one among you who will be a believer, to expect for his brother what to expect for himself " Prophet Muhammad

Some truths differ from one intersection.


  1. ini buat sendiri mas? kereeen :D

  2. referensi dari video the divine book, makasih atas kunjungannya :)